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Road Not Taken

Samuel Wong
Nora Lam
2016 | 76min | color | HD | Korean Subtitles




Director's Statement

The filming of “Road Not Taken” started during the student strike while the ending is yet to know, it was simply set to document stories of the youngsters. The film recorded student association strike committees, student leaders, general university participants of the movement, local “valiant” youngsters, that every one of them has sincerely tried their best to change our society step by step. Amongst this turbid uncertainty, how do young participants of Umbrella Revolution see their own future? In today’s Hong Kong, we are treading on darkness, seeking a way out of the current desparation. We have only one home, here in the city. Now, in obscurity, let’s search for the force of guildance than lead us through today’s gloom.



Samuel Wong
A graduate from University of Hong Kong. He was the past vice-chairperson in Campus TV, HKUSU, as well as a delegate of HKUSU to Hong Kong Federation of Students in 2013 and 2014, major stakeholder in Umbrella Revolution. He curated ‘Umbrella Through Lens’, a short film festival about Umbrella Revolution in HKU. His first short drama film ‘Couplet’ entered the 2015 Freshwave Competition organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Nora Lam
A current HKU student and a former director in Campus TV, HKUSU. She now works on independent productions of documentaries. Her previous documentary, ‘Midnight in Mong Kok’, was screened in 2015 Urban Nomad Film Festival in Taipei and was a finalist of The 21st Incubator for film & visual media in Asia Awards Open Category.