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Jinoh Bok
2018 | 103min | color | DCP | Korean Subtitles



On the morning of April 16, 2014, veteran diver Yoo-seong Kang heard the news of the sinking of the Sewol ferry. He began to gather his equipment after it was revealed to be false that all the victims were rescued. Byung-joo, a diver with 30 years of experience, also headed to the site of the disaster.
With no search system or conditions in place, the divers picked up the victims one by one, making their way through the tangled chambers of collapsed walls and furniture. But the search grew longer and a fellow diver got killed in an accident.
Soon after returning to land, the divers begin to suffer from pain like anxiety disorder, depression, insomnia, and in severe cases, just quitting their job as a diver.


Director's Statement

- a record of diving events documented by divers.After knowing that I am a diver, rescue divers for Sewol ferry finally allowed me to embark on the barge. Since then, I had lived with them and I thought that I recorded all the things of them with my camera. However, when I met a diver again several months later after I left there, he unexpectedly showed me a log book. It was his log book recorded his diving events in Sewol ferry rescue site. Reading the first page of the book, I couldn’t help stop crying. In his log book, I discovered divers’ hidden stories never recorded in my camera and cruel appearances of the sunken hull of Sewol ferry never reported to anyone. I could record all of their efforts after I got his log book. Memories that is not erased. Memories that must not be erased. For healing them, I read the log book again.



Jinoh Bok
Bok began his career as a director of photography for broadcasting channels in 1997.
He has been a volunteer in the organization, The Korea Federation for Environmental Movement and made documentary films about the environmental issue.his films were screened at various film festivals including Black Tear which dealt with the victims of oil spill caused by Samsung. It was the opening film of 2008 Green Film Festival in Seoul. As a filmmaker and director, he has been continuously trying to capture human beings in danger.
2013-Jedol, a dolphin returning to home
2008-Black tears
2008-Spring in Saemankeum
Awards: International Environmental Film Festival


Producer     BOK JIN OH 
Cinematographer     BOK JIN OH 
Editor     HYUN JINSIK 


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