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El coraje del pueblo

Grupo Ukamau
1971 | 90min | color | DCP | Korean Subtitles | 불어자막


Screening schedule

Date Time Theater Information
2020.05.29(Fir) 11:00 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 2
2020.05.31(Sun) 18:00 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1



A documentary reenactment of the government-ordered massacre of striking tin miners and their families at the Siglo XX Mines in 1967 in Bolivia.
All of this according to the director's belief of movies having to show what people wanted: and people wanted to know causes and responsibilities.



Grupo Ukamau
Jorge Sanjinés was born in La Paz in 1937. He studied philosophy in Bolivia and then cinema in Chile. A committed filmmaker and theorist, he makes documentaries and feature films on the dependence, underdevelopment and exploitation of the Indian people.
Jorge Sanjines is with the scriptwriter Oscar Soria, at the origin of the Ukumau Group, whose name comes from the first feature film by Sanjines. This group encouraged a cinematographic expression reflecting the research of the origins of the situation of the country, and trying to highlight the indigenous cultures.


Director     Jorge Sanjinés 


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