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Gyuri Byun
2017 | 83min | color | DCP | Korean Subtitles



What happens when subcontracted workers turn into podcast DJs? Subcontracted workers at the SK Broadband, Inc. began a podcast broadcasting titled Workers Have Changed, to deliver the news about their strike for job security. The podcast studio has become a theater of their life as they share their stories—daily hardships of subcontracted labor, coping with rude customers, and their futures and dreams. They finally achieved a victory to convert their employment status from non-regular to regular, yet with their monthly income cut in half. Given this “half” success complicates the picture, Bong-Keun, a union member decided to quit the job.


Director's Statement

I always wanted to know what it means to “grow up well.” I was curious why people take challenges to confront the harsh and suffocating realities. Now I believe that some go through challenges and trials in order to make friends with whom they can navigate these grim realities. I am glad to be with those who struggle to “grow up together.”



Gyuri Byun
As an activist of PINKS, making efforts to produce a documentary based on the feminist sensibility and seeking communication and solidarity.
I want to grow together in the field and make a movie.
<Act as a media in Samchuck>(2014)
<letter from the street>(2015)


Producer     YPINKS 
Cinematographer     Jongho Choe  Gyuri Byun  Nungcool  Hyeongseok Ryu 
Editor     Gyuri Byun 
Assistant Director     Nungcool 


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Gyuri Byun | dt6452@daum.net